Ujet Warranty Information

WARRANTOR : UJET INTERNATIONAL S.à.r.l. is the Warrantor

This Warranty gives you specific rights, and you may have other legal rights, which may vary from Country to Country.


This Limited Warranty applies to all original owners and any subsequent owners of the covered UJET vehicles. It is provided at no additional cost during the applicable warranty coverage period for Luxemburg and neighbouring countries in a geographiocal limited zone of 200 kilometers around the city of Luxemburg. Outside of this zone Ujet may only charge the owner or the owner may only bare the transportation costs between his country of residence and Ujet’s facilities.


UJJET INTERNATIONAL S.a.r.l, warrants that all factory manufactured UJET vehicles are free from defects in material and workmanship during the period of this Limited Warranty.

This Limited Warranty covers parts, including the motor, motor controller, cockpit, frame, rear & front suspension, rear and front lamps brake assemblies, wheels and electrical subassemblies, battery pack (where the Battery Pack means the battery cells, battery housing, integrated battery management system, internal wiring, and internal structures) and approved UJET accessories.


The duration of this Limited Warranty covers the Vehicle for 24 months (2 years) from the date of purchase as indicated on the invoice from Ujet International S.à r.l.


Due to the battery chemistry, there is a normal, expected reduction in range/capacity of the Battery Pack which can yield over time and usage. Depending on use and storage conditions, the Battery Pack will degrade during the duration of this Limited Warranty period.

UJET will only repair or replace pursuant to this Limited Warranty a Battery Pack that exhibits a nominal storage capacity reduction of greater than 20% of the published nominal capacity, as measured. To check the capacity of the Battery Pack, UJET shall perform a battery management system log data extraction, which will confirm if a reduction is within expected norms.

Further, this Limited Warranty only covers UJET Vehicles that are operated according to "proper use" and "under normal operating conditions."

For purposes of this exclusion, the following definitions apply:

"Normal operating conditions" require routine care and maintenance of the UJJET Vehicles as described in the Owner's Manual.

"Proper use" means only the use of vehicle in the manner intended for a rider on a UJET vehicle with proper safety equipment as described in the Owner's Manual, in accordance with local regulations.

"Proper use" also means charging the Battery Pack, using only UJET authorized chargers, after each use and storing it in a fully charged state, or recharging it every 60 days, or keeping it on the charger when in storage or not in regular use.

In addition, this Limited Warranty does not cover:

  1. The cost of parts and labor involved in any routine care and maintenance and/or the replacement of parts due to normal wear and tear, use, or deterioration, including but not limited to: tires, brake pads and rotors, grips, foot pegs, stand, lights and the seat;
  2. The tires as the original equipment tires are warranted separately by the tire manufacturer;
  3. The replacement of brake fluids, unless their replacement is a necessary part of warranty service on a covered component;
  4. Wheel (intended as rotor and stator when the rear one) damage resulting from off road use and/or improper use or schocks;
  5. Any cosmetic concerns that arise as a result of environmental conditions, owner abuse, misuse, lack of routine care and maintenance, and/or improper use;
  6. Parts or components damaged by use or operation under abnormal circumstances or contrary to the requirements described in the Owner's Manual, including a failure to have the vehicles firmware updated during the regular service intervals or in a timely basis following a notification that a new update is available;
  7. Malfunctions, damages and missuses caused by commercial or business usages, rental services or other situations that allow access by uncertain riders;
  8. Malfunctions, damages and missuses caused by any modification of the original operating system and/or original software or any of its electronic components;
  9. UJET vehicles and their Battery Packs if the service has not be performed by Ujet within 1 year from the original "in service date";
  10. UJET vehicles and their Battery Packs when the maximum authorized load weight is not observed. This value is indicated in the owner's manual and the technical characteristics;
  11. UJET vehicles and their Battery Packs when used for racing, riding on surfaces other than usual paved roads or other competitive events;
  12. UJET vehicles and their Battery Packs when misused or improperly operated;
  13. UJET vehicles and their Battery Packs that had any damage, warranty seals removed or alterated; or the warranty identification labels being torn or damaged beyond recognition;
  14. UJET vehicles and their Battery Packs that have suffered overcharging or uncontrolled charging.
  15. Damages, malfunctions, or performance problems caused by aftermarket accessories instaIled on a UJET vehicle and its Battery Pack after the "in service date," or caused by aftermarket accessories installed by someone other than UJET.
  16. Damages, malfunctions, or performance problems caused by the improper repair of the vehicle, installation of any parts or accessories not sold or approved by UJET, the installation and use of any parties or accessories that alter the vehicle's specifications from those set by UJET, or the use of new or used parts not approved by UJET;
  17. Damages, malfunctions, or performance problems caused by the installation or use of any charger not sold or approved by UJET;
  18. Damages, malfunctions, or performance problems caused by fire, collision, accident, or improper storage of the UJET vehicle and its Battery Pack ;
  19. Damages, malfunctions, or performance problems caused by continued operation of the vehicle after a warning light, gauge reading, or other warning indicates a mechanical or operational problem;
  20. UJET vehicles severely damaged or declared to be a total loss by an insurer, or vehicles substantially reassembled from or repaired with parts obtained from another used vehicles;
  21. Damages, malfunctions, or performance problems caused by the failure to follow recommended maintenance requirements as set forth in the Owner's Manual;
  22. Damages, painting damages, malfunctions, or performance problems caused by airborne industrial pollutants (e.g., acid rain), bird droppings, oxidation, sulfur, salt, chemical agents, tree sap, stones, flood water, windstorms, natural deterioration or any other "acts of nature" or similar occurrences;
  23. Damages, losses or alterations to third party software or coming from installing third party software;
  24. Damages, losses or alterations to data or information stored on any media (user-generated videos, etc.) or any part of the product, no matter how occurring;
  25. Damages, malfunctions, or performance problems caused by the improper from incorrect installation or use not consistent with the instructions and technical or safety standards prescribed by manufacturer, (example; sufficient battery charge level when software updating);
  26. Damages, malfunctions, or performance problems caused from unauthorized access or alterations to Ujet’s software.

Further, this Limited Warranty does not apply to UJET vehicles or parts and accessories that are not sold by UJET.


The following additional limitations and disclaimers apply to this Limited Warranty:

  1. This limited warranty is the only express warranty made in connection with the sale of this UJET vehicle. Any implied warranty, including any warranty of merchantability or warranty of fitness for a particular purpose is limited in duration to the stated period of this written warranty. Some countries do not allow limitations on how long an implied warranty lasts, so the above limitation may not apply to you.
  2. UJET INTERNATIONAL S.à r.l does not assume — or authorize any person to assume — any other obligation or liability on its behalf.
  3. Any warranty claims made out of Luxemburg or the geographical zone within 200 km around the city of Luxemburg could be subject to additional restrictions and fees, and unless otherwise indicated in the sales contract. The customer has the right to bring the vehicle back to Ujet facilities in Luxemburg.
  4. This limited warranty does not cover any incidental or consequential damages, including loss of value of the vehicle, lost profits or earnings, out-of-pocket expenses for substitute transportation or lodging, expenses associated with returning the covered product to Ujet facility, towing and/or roadside assistance expenses, expenses associated with Returning the covered product back to its owner, mechanic's travel time or communication charges, loss or damages to personal property, loss of time, or inconvenience or equivalent. If some countries do not allow the exclusion or limitation of incidental or consequential damages, the above limitation or exclusion may not apply to you.

The purchaser acknowledges that there is an inherent risk in the operation of vehicles. ThisLimited Warranty does not cover and UJET cannot assume responsibility for any injury arisingfrom the unsafe or improper operation of UJET vehicles, or the user's failure to comply with instructions, care and maintenance requirements, warnings, and safety precautions.

The original registered owner or subsequent registered transferee as documented on the UJET vehicle warranty registration form in the UJET App is responsible for conveying the Owner's Manual and all safety warnings, instructions, and Limited Warranty if the unit is sold, loaned, or otherwise transferred to another person.


As the owner of a product covered by this Limited Warranty, it is your responsibility to read and understand the Owner's Manual, this Limited Warranty, and all product warnings before operating your UJET vehicle.Serious injury or death can result from improper operation or failure to observe warnings and safety instructions on any vehicle.Further, it is also your responsibility to:

  1. Perform all recommended and necessary routine care and maintenance and engage in proper use of your UJET vehicle and Battery Pack, as detailed in the Owner's Manual including obtaining any firmware updates available at each service interval or in a timely basis following a notification that a new update is available;
  2. Learn and apply all country, state, and local laws governing the operations of a motorcycle, generally, and an electric motorcycle, specifically;
  3. At all times when operating a IJJET vehicle wear proper safety equipment and clothing, including but not limited to helmet, eye protection, and appropriate boots & gloves;
  4. Convey the Owner's Manual and all safety warnings, instructions, and Limited Warranty if the unit is sold, loaned, or otherwise transferred to another person;
  5. Prevent unauthorized access or use of non-authorized software.


During the time period of this Limited Warranty, UJET will repair or replace (at UJET's discretion), without charge, any UJET vehicle, Battery Pack, or parts that are covered by this Limited Warranty and found by UJET to be defective in factory materials or workmanship.

The replaced (including but not limited to) parts under warranty become property of UJET INTERNATIONAL S.à r.l thereafter.


Warranty services may be obtained by contacting UJET directly using its mobility App need for vehicle use or via website https://www.ujet.com/contact.

In any written or telephonic communication, please state the specific nature of any circumstances leading to the problem and include the VIN & odometer reading (in Km or Miles).