Ujet Electric Scooter

UJET is a European Development & Industrial Design company. UJET focuses on integrated engineering of hardware and software for smart and innovative electric mobility platforms. UJET leverages its world-class expertise in new materials to bring fundamental improvement of characteristics, and for a more evolved and legacy-free design.

Moving imagination: from material science to ultimate e-mobility products

We pioneer the use of advanced materials and technology in the automotive industry.

We use innovative composite and nano-augmented materials to provide new levels of design freedom and significantly improve vehicle characteristics: range, energy efficiency, safety, manufacturing costs.

We offer reliable system-level, mechanical, electrical and software engineering

Fast track from sketches and blueprints to prototype and serial products.

We offer state-of-the-art vehicle control and infotainment software

Ujet develops IoT-enabled vehicle control platforms with over-the-air firmware updates; connected Industry-leading Infotainment system for two-wheelers and companion apps.

We offer industrialization services, including tooling and supply chain formation and homologation support.

From prototypes, small series production, manufacturing setup, industrial process design to supply chain strategy.

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