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I've just Ordered my Ujet scooter, what are the next steps?

If you have Ordered and Paid your Ujet scooter, you must have also received email confirming that. In this email, you will find details about your individual order. Usually, the delivery time is four to six weeks after receipt of payment. However, this may vary in individual cases.

Who will deliver my scooter?

Your scooter will be delivered to you by our delivery partner TNT or other carriers within EU. If not otherwise specified the Ujet E-scooter will be delivered to you by our delivery partner to the delivery address you gave us in your order.

Do I have to pay for the delivery?

Within European Union we deliver free of charge. Therefore you do not have to pay.

What time will be my scooter delivered ?

Our delivery partner will contact you and schedule a delivery appointment. And also inform you about the delivery lead time.

What shall I expect at the day of delivery?

Our delivery partner will unload the box from the truck. You will receive large box (115*80*106cm, 84kg) containing the scooter. We recommend to have 2 persons available for unpacking, and to keep the box for possible future return or warranty claim. Make sure to inspect the scooter for transport damages, and immediately report them to our delivery partner and secondly also to our customer service team if you find something is wrong. The scooter arrives fully assembled, you only have to fold it together based on the Instruction located on the box. Please note that you might need to charge your battery before your first use of the scooter.

What if I decide to return the scooter?

For returning your scooter, please contact our customer service team in writing as soon as possible to see if you are still eligible according to the terms and conditions of the purchase.

For the returns you need to keep the box. It is possible to unfold it by removing the tape from the box and store it flat.

Please note that you will have to pay for the cost of the return shipping – this averages around 150€.
License registration and insurance
How do I insure my UJET Scooter?

Every country has its specific process for the Vehicle (Scooter) Insurance - please get in touch with any vehicle (scooter) insurance company as they will be able to provide advice on this matter.

How can I register my UJET Scooter?

Every country has its specific process - please contact the Vehicle (Scooter) Registration office who will provide you with the details.
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