How-to Videos


The Ujet electric scooter arrives in a box and ready to operate. This video explains how to unpack it and prepare for the first ride in a matter of minutes.

Getting Ready to Ride

Riding Ujet is simple and a pure pleasure. This video explains you the basics on how to turn the scooter on, prepare it to ride and operate the basic controls.

Handlebar Controls

The Ujet electric scooter is equipped with handlebar controls to operate its functionality without losing focus on the road. This video explains the functions of every handlebar button.

Operating the Touchscreen

The Ujet electric scooter is equipped with a 7" touchscreen and a modern infotainment system. This video explains the basic of operating it.

Folding and Unfolding

The Ujet electric scooter can be folded and unfolded in seconds for easy storage and transportation. This video explains you how.

Removing and Charging the Battery

Ujet's removable battery allows you to roll and charge it everywhere! This video explains how to remove the battery and the charger, how to charge it and how to mount it on your Ujet e-scooter.

Installing Updates

Ujet's software can be updated to access new features and improvements. This video explains how to perform this simple process.