Ujet One

Ujet continues to move imagination with its new product – Ujet One. A robust, lightweight electric scooter with ultrafast start and acceleration has been developed by our awarded team of engineers with the city dwellers at heart.

Ujet One has been created as the next step of the product development pipeline. Internally, we treat Ujet One as a sibling of Ujet Founders Series. The main difference between the two is not only in the design of the cockpit, but it lies way deeper. It’s in the overall electronic architecture. Ujet one embraces a different approach in communication for the future.

With Ujet One we had the idea of delegating all the functionality of the infotainment system to the external device, a smartphone. We wanted to avoid doubling the functionality of the smartphone in onboard systems and for these purposes, we had to fully re-develop the bigger part of electronics. Ujet One is a distinct architectural solution.
Our other intention was to make a more affordable model for the users, as we want to enhance and speed up the electrification of the automotive world and subsequently make it available for a bigger share of users. The change in the infotainment approach of Ujet One versus Ujet Founders allowed us to do so.

For Ujet One we have only one communication channel and we are also currently developing a companion app, so all the information from the Ujet One will be doubling to the smartphone instead of onboard screen.
The speed of development of different electronics in the world is so high that sometimes we must adopt and forecast. And nowadays, as in our further development, we plan to be more focused on the use of the smartphone as a detachable brain of the vehicle, decrease the amount of pre-installed on-board features. Our main driving force is the convenience of the user, as well as staying on the top of the technology tide.
The development of the Ujet One design aesthetics as well as re-adopting the mechanical engineering both went as a seamless, stable processes thanks to the experience and vision of our renowned engineering team. The only time-consuming part of the process was the testing and trials, however in Ujet we believe in the excellence to the very core of the product, thus enjoyed each step of the process from the initial sketches, to this now homologated in European Union vehicle – the Ujet One.

Ujet One is equipped with the Infotainment system comprising of high-quality LCD display, digital speedometer, body control unit with CAN communication and Bluetooth BLE. The Tron shaped cockpit allows additional customization as well as placement of devices (like users' mobile phone) while providing edge yet elegance to the Ujet iconic design.