In-wheel motor

Ujet's pioneering take on the electrical engine is to combine the hubless wheel with an external rotor design.
Currently, our in-wheel brushless motor is the lightest in its class with a maximum power of 3.6 kW (4.9 hp equivalent). To get there we have developed 5 different motors with different partners, some of them were indeed great inventions, yet only possible to be produced on a small scale due to the complexity of engineering. Through the enormous amount of trials and testing, we reached the point of the mass-produced, lightweight and extremely efficient motor.

In traditional electromagnetic engines, we usually find a moving rotor element installed within a stator.

Ujet's approach is to transform the wheel into the engine of our vehicles, by challenging the concept of the electric engine and inverting the positions of stator and motor.

Our copper coils are placed along the outer surface of the inner wheel, while high-performance neodymium magnets reside on the external wheel

The two elements forming the wheel are joint together through two ball bearings, each having a weight tolerance of 1 ton.

A control unit is installed in the stator where the suspension system is located, to adjust the power according to conditions and performance, alongside temperature sensors that prevent overheating.

The same unit is also capable of calculating speed and distance while counting rotational movements of the wheel.