Ujet Headset

€ 59 

The wireless Ujet Headset is fully compatible with the Ujet Helmet, allowing easy operation without losing the focus on the ride. It is equipped with Bluetooth® 4.0, delivering outstanding performance for music, phone calls, GPS directions, as well as intercom conversations with riding companions up to 200 meters away.

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Battery life

The Ujet headset has a Talk time of 8 hours along with a Standby time of 7 days. You can charge it in only 2,5 hours via USB cable. Furthermore, the intercom's distance works up to 200 meters in open terrain.


The headset uses Bluetooth 4.0 and can simultaneously support 2 phones with individual volume control for each audio source along with an upgradeable firmware.

Additional information

The Ujet headset weighs 59 g (2.08 oz) and has a sample rate of 48kHz (DAC).

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