Ujet x Pokras Lampas

In Ujet we believe that art is the true reflection of the modern culture. And we strive to connect urban mobility with artistic endeavors.

As a first initiative to bring artistic collaboration together with our smart scooter, we are honored to have developed a unique project with Pokras Lampas.

Pokras Lampas is a famous artist spearheading the modern calligraphy movement: “My goal is to show the harmony of different cultures, merged by calligraphy art together in balance and harmony. Influenced by the Latin, Cyrillic, Arabic, and Asian calligraphy, I created the self-developed style Calligrafuturism, based on my vision of international calligraphy in future. Taking parts from the urban art, and representing the Calligraffiti movement, traditional handwriting with a metropolitan attitude, I create my projects all over the world.”

"We are aware of the fact that Ujet is a unique object, at the crossroad of the worlds of lifestyle, design, technology, and of course ecology. And we are really proud that we were able to combine the amazing artistic work done by Pokras Lampas with the presentation to the French public and press of our outstanding limited edition: Ujet FOUNDERS SERIES.”
Thierry Montange, spokesperson at Ujet

The Ujet x Pokras Lampas project took place during the last days of March 2019 when the artist came to our Luxembourg factory and literally locked himself with one of our scooters to transform it into a unique piece of art which was then exhibited during Ujet boutique éphémère on March 29th till 31st in Paris as an introduction to Ujet limited edition FOUNDERS SERIES scooters. This combination of art and beautiful design attracted a large crowd of Parisians that praised the features of the scooter and could also get a glimpse of the artist’s work and vision.

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