Ujet launches at Le Bon Marché

Exclusively at Le Bon Marche from October 26 to December 31, the Ujet electric scooter hits the most eclectic retail store of Paris.

Located in one of the most stylish areas of the iconic city, the Ujet has found the perfect place to showcase its technology intertwined with design for the perfect Le Bon Marche scooter. In pure Parisian charm, our scooter combines a clean electric spirit core with a fashionable and high-technology shell for absolute style in motion. It is a real Parisian scooter, built to take you anywhere, anytime and most importantly; in style and flair.

Super light, ultra handy, extra stylish and uber technological; the Ujet scooter allows you to be individual and express your unique personality. We are waiting for you in the ground floor of Le Bon Marché, come to discover and try out the Ujet Electric scooter just in time for Christmas. Seats are extremely limited so be the first in line to try it out, book your free visit here.

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