Ujet at the 1.168 Biennale, Paris

Taking place at the Carreau Du Temple in Paris, the 1.168 Biennale brought together brands that are using technology to create sustainable products to serve us in the best way possible. Ujet participated in the event to showcase its first product: the Ujet electric scooter.

“Urban mobility shouldn’t come at the cost of individuality and independence. Ujet’s scooter is a bold, design-led alternative to any other scooter on the market. It is customizable to perfectly fit into your life and to your style. It looks and feels like nothing else on the road today.”
Hugues Despres

With urban spaces growing more and more crowded, personal transportation has become a burden. Cars and motorcycles with internal combustion engines contribute to increased global warming and pollution. The future clearly points toward electric, and that’s where Ujet is headed. That is why participating in the 1.168 Biennale in Paris was such an important step for the company.

The venue was filled with brands showing off their products, all aiming to create sustainable solutions for clothing, skin care, skateboarding and much more.

Ujet stole the show with its stylish booth, and the scooter’s unique frame and features attracted curious glances. The Ujet’s sleek design encouraged people to ask questions, and its features inspired them test out the ride.

People described the scooter as surprisingly silent, easy to ride and really comfortable. The Ujet’s unique orbital wheel intrigued many passersby who stared at the seemingly immobile wheel. The folding feature came as a surprise to the crowd, who figured the folding scooters were just for prototype testing. From the moment the touch-screen popped up, people were eager to test the scooter’s smart features such as the PIN unlock system. It was clear that they were genuinely and pleasantly surprised at the scooter’s ease of use and capabilities.

Located just outside the venue, a small area for testing saw multiple
people getting in line to experience the future of mobility.

Ujet’s presentation at the 1.168 Biennale was proof that good, sustainable products don’t need to sacrifice utility, design or performance to be eco-friendly. Many were happy to hear that the scooter is coming soon to major European including Milan, Barcelona, Luxembourg and Monaco. Catch up with Ujet again at the next event!

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