Super Scooter Meets Super Yachts

This year’s Monaco Yacht Show was one of the biggest in its history and we witnessed it hand in hand with Fraser. Gathering over 30,000 visitors in Port Hercules; the exhibition displayed some 120 yachts, 40 new launches, 2 helicopters, 10 prestige cars, and the Ujet.

Standing beside Fraser’s booth in the Monegasque country; Ujet proudly displayed its electric scooter that aims to revolutionize the way we move around.

Fraser put up an amazing display of their fleet, lining up over 20 of them that totaled over 1 km of length if put next to each other bow to stern. The massive length of the yachts wasn’t the only surprising factor about the display; all of them together equaled a value of 750 million Euros.

Ujet International's CEO at Fraser Yacht's booth during Monaco Yacht Show

Taking a similar approach to yachts, the Ujet is both a technologic and design marvel that is both aesthetic and functional like all the vessels harbored along each other. The small city-state in the Mediterranean side of France is the perfect location for both yachts and our scooter. A properly designed solution with impeccable functionality for ultimate style in motion built to perfection.

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