Amos Fricke Shoots The Ujet

When choosing a studio to shoot the Ujet, we were looking for someone to share the same values as we do. Focused heavily on aesthetics, design, technology and the future of mobility; Studio Amos Fricke stood among the crowd as the best option. Lead by Amos Fricke, the studio has been trusted by some of the world's best brands to shoot their products. In his typical style, shots from the studio are some of the cleanest product photographs we have ever seen. Perfect lighting, intricate angles, details captured in their essence and photographic composure to dream of is what we expected and it is exactly what we got. Discover the photoshoot below by scrolling sideways.

I shoot everything from very small to very big scale and for all industries, but have a personal interest in technology and the future of mobility.
Amos Fricke

Being interested in electric vehicles himself, Amos Fricke imagines riding the Ujet himself. At the moment, he's riding an electric motor assisted pedal bike but could very well transition to our electric scooter. Working together with his whole team and our team, we blended our ideas together to create something new; unseen.

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