Side View
Front View
Rear View
Rear View - folded
156 CM
120 CM


3 kW (4 hp)
Nominal motor power
Max power
3.6 kW (4.9 hp)
Max torque
80 Nm
Continuous-rated power
1.75 kW (2.4 hp)
Continuous-rated torque
42 Nm
Max speed
45 km/h (limited)
Motor type
In-wheel, ultra-thin brushless motor. Permanently excited external rotor with 3-points position detection and temperature sensor


156 cm /  64 cm / 120 cm
Dimensions (L/W/H)
Dimensions when folded (L/W/H)
84 cm / 57 cm / 120 cm
Seat height
Small seat – 76 cm
Large seat – 79 cm


37 kg
Weight without battery and board charger
Battery weight
13 kg small battery
19 kg large battery
Gross weight
49 kg (108 lbs) with small battery
55 kg (121 lbs) with large battery
On-board charger weight
1.4 kg
Maximum load
120 kg


Robust lightweight frame composed of advanced alloy and carbon fiber composite
Rising-rate suspension for a special driving experience and ultra-low weight
Front and rear, hydraulic disc brakes. Unique design with large diameter discs guarantees super-efficient braking
14" Orbital wheels
80/80x14, MC26 Capri, nano-augmented


Battery type
Riding range *
Small battery – 35-75 km
Large battery – 70-150 km
Charging time **
3 - 6 hours using on-board charger
1.5 - 3 hours using off-board charger (fast)
Required charging input
Regular home 220V - 230V outlet
Battery voltage
48V generating 2.4 kWH (large battery) or 1.2 kWH (small battery)
Battery life cycle ***
Minimum 1000  cycles

Connectivity & Smart Functions

3 separate control units:
- body control unit with CAN communication
- head unit
- multimedia management system
On-board control systems
Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, 4G, GPS / GLONASS, USB
Automatically foldable and waterproof 7" TFT touchscreen
Infotainment system
Digital speedometer, phone pairing with telephony and music streaming
On-board turn-by-turn navigation system. Remote tracking via smartphone app
Front-facing camera with live video recording functionality
Headset compatibility
Bluetooth 4.0 headset support for telephony and music streaming

Ujet App

iOS 10 and Android 5.0 or newer
Smartphone compatibility
Locking/unlocking, geopositioning, sharing, smart alerts, download and storage of recorded videos, statistics, access to support and user manuals
Ability to remotely share Ujet with anyone from your contact list, allowing to lock/unlock the scooter through the app


Adaptive LED front light: Supernova M99 Pro LED tail and brake lights
Lock system
Scooter locking/unlocking through the user's smartphone via secure connection
Theft protection
Ability to remotely disable Ujet through the smartphone app in case of theft
Safety systems
Electronic and mechanical folding lock check system, Electronic Brake Check System, Battery Management System with control of overcharging and overheating, Electronic self-diagnosis

Special features

Book-type folding system. Double mechanical fixation in unfoldable mode with electronic sensors control
Battery box
Complete battery box is removable and can be taken away, just like a small luggage. It is equipped with two wheels at the bottom and a telescopic handlebar. Possible to use like an independent speaker with smartphone Bluetooth connection
Nano-augmented tires
Nanoaugmented rubber compound with abrasion resistance enhanced by 15% and strongly improved wet grip
Foldable mirrors
The mirror position can be selected in an upper or lower position, providing a guaranteed good rear view for various drivers
Extractable and rollable battery powerhub
2 USB ports, allowing to charge your devices from the scooter's battery
Driving modes
3 driving modes: ECO, NORMAL, SPORT. Boost function in NORMAL and SPORT modes
Throttle Grip
A special solution to control braking energy recuperation and electromagnetic braking
Color options
Shibuya Gold
Bel Air Blue
Concorde White
Soho Grey
Uptown Black
Picadilly Blue
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* the exact range may vary depending on multiple factors, including driving style, the driver's weight, climatic conditions (air temperature, wind, humidity), the terrain, the road surface and the intensity of using the brake energy recuperation system. The range was tested on an industrial test bench, with a simulated rider weight of 50kg and 120kg respectively, and an average riding speed of 25km/h and 30km/h.

** depending on the discharge condition of the battery before recharging

*** estimated number of cycles using regular charger – quick charging reduces the number of cycles