UJET returns to EICMA with a different take on e-mobility

UJET returned for the second time, this year with an exceptional stand and knowledgeable team accompanied by 5 electric scooters including a real-life explosion scheme of the awarded scooter.

At face value, the brand may appear to be just selling scooters, but this time around, we came back with more to offer EICMA than what may be perceived as conventional. The first 3 days saw our stand welcome visits from fellow industry leaders alongside journalists in media, whereas the following 4 days were flooded with waves of enthusiasm from the public who had come from far and wide to see where our engineering capabilities in e-mobility and advanced technology had led us.

UJET shared more insight on the plan forward which focuses on teaming up with engineers and other industry leaders to move the brand forward. This exhibition gave us the opportunity to not only present our new strategy to the public but also to interact with other industry players whose passion and visions are aligned with our own for where we see ourselves in the world of mobility. We look forward to growing our network and taking the conversation with our potential clients further beyond EICMA and into the world.

EICMA, otherwise known as the ‘Esposizione Internazionale Ciclo e Motociclo e Accessori’ is Milan’s annual motorcycle industry show and world biggest 2-wheeler fair in the world. The show boasts a host of various exhibitions of 2-wheeled vehicles every year.

Contact us to learn more about Ujet’s pioneering engineering and tailored design as well as how you as an industry affiliate in engineering, tech and mobility can get involved in partnering with us.


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