More than a Test, a One-Of-A-Kind Experience

Ujet invites its potential customers to an experience that embarks them for a one-way ticket to the world of e-mobility. Discovery and testimony in the Ujet pop store of Nice (France)

Céline is 25 years old and belongs to this young urban tribe for whom new mobility should go together with fun and practicality. She comes today to Ujet pop up store in Nice to try out the scooter, hooked by the outstanding design and the many features she has seen in social media.

But for her, that never used a 2-wheelers before, everything is new and she has many queries. Raphaël, a Ujet mobility advisor, offers her a glass of ice-tea- summer is very hot in the French Riviera- and briefed her upon all the technology behind the development of this one-of-a-kind vehicle. Céline is fascinated to hear that Ujet is built with latest generation materials coming directly from the latest advances in aeronautics and aerospace industries, for a total weight of only 49 kgs. She can’t wait to put her hands on the scooter.

As Raphaël demo the product in the store, Céline cannot restrain the usual “Wow!”. In a couple of seconds, the scooter is folded and can easily be stored in a car trunk or put in an elevator to bring it back home. And the detachable trolley battery is as simple to handle as an on-board suitcase. Céline walks around with it and would like already to keep it for her. The XXL battery autonomy also impresses her. “It is essential that one can count on a good autonomy before getting on the road and on top the recharging process of Ujet is so easy, it is incredible.”

At last, after listening carefully at the latest safety guidelines from the Ujet advisor, Céline puts on the magnificent Ujet helmet, that is extra light and a same shiny gold as the scooter she will ride and snaps on a pair of beautiful touch-screen gloves. Battery is on, Céline presses the Start button and the display opens up in front of her eyes. Another Wow! effect. “It looks like I am a pilot in a Star Wars movie” she laughs. After taking a few seconds to choose her driving style (Normal, Eco or Sport), Céline throttles back. And here she goes on the road in complete silence for a ride in the beautiful Nice harbor neighborhood.

Ten minutes later, she is back with shiny eyes and sounding very excited: “It is incredible, everything has been 100% intuitive, it is such a pleasure to sneak in the traffic … and the Ujet is so light that one has the sensation it can do everything you want.” She wants to come back in the following days with her boyfriend. “For him that works in Monaco, it would be perfect, the autonomy is more than enough for several rides in there and returns.”

Céline gives then her detailed feedback to the Ujet mobility advisor that explains her the different schemes to purchase the scooter. “This is really such a cool experience. Myself I used not to be in favor of electric push scooters that you find nowadays, but I could totally picture myself riding Ujet every day. It really fills out all the checks: beautiful, simple to use, without emissions and so practical to go fast from one place to the other – in a safe way”.

Before she leaves, the Ujet staff introduces her the cherry on the cake: the many features of the Ujet App, for instance the option to borrow her Ujet to a friend from her contact list in her phone, the locator feature or the remote anti-theft blocking system. Smart and useful. And then some music to finish, as the Ujet battery is also a powerbank: one can recharge its smartphone and listen to its favorite playlist through the Bluetooth connection. Definitely an unexpected but beautiful loudspeaker for the garden parties and on the beaches this summer.

In short, for Céline, as for the many interested persons that come to the beautiful store in Nice’s Place du Pin, the Ujet trial is found super positive, and converts most of them to e-mobility.


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