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Browse our FAQ to find answers to the most popular questions related to what makes Ujet electric scooter so special, as well as its purchase and maintenance.

Buying a Ujet scooter

Where can I buy my Ujet?
We currently sell Ujet scooters online for the customers from European Union, as well as Russia. You can contact us to inquire about your own customized scooter.
How much will a Ujet electric scooter cost me?
Our Ujet electric scooter is highly customizable. Thus the price depends on the unique design choices you make.
Why should I consider my Ujet ahead of a classic combustion engine scooter?
Riding your Ujet is a fully connected experience and is a lot of fun. You will be able to get around your city easily without any hassle. Also you will realise the benefits of a fully integrated electric drive: lower maintenance, no pollution, and the ability to make the city a quieter place to be.
How much does it cost to ride Ujet?
Running costs depend on the electricity prices in your country. These can be as low as 35 cents per 100 km depending on your local electricity pricing. Being an electric scooter, maintenance costs of a Ujet are much lower compared to a regular ICE scooter. Ujet does not require oil changes. Fewer parts in the motor means there are fewer things that can break. Certain countries, regions and municipalities can offer you an incentive to purchase an electric scooter, further reducing the cost of a Ujet. Please check your local regulations to learn more about your eligibility.
Can I ride Ujet everywhere?
Ujet is designed for moving around in cities. You can ride it everywhere except on highways.

Our unique technology

What are the advantages of our unique orbital wheel and in-wheel motor systems?
One of the greatest advantages of in-wheel electric motors is the fact that the power goes straight from the motor directly to the wheel. Reducing the distance the power travels, increases the efficiency of the motor. Moreover, the Ujet in-wheel motor design offers regenerative breaking. The system captures some of its own kinetic energy while braking and sends it back to charge the battery. Last, but not least, the Ujet orbital wheel design hosts larger diameter brakes for increased safety.
What are the technical specifications of the Ujet electric scooter?
Please refer to our spec sheet to learn about all specifications in details.
What makes the Ujet so lightweight compared to other scooters on the market?
The Ujet scooter weighs as little as 49 kg with the small battery and 55 kg with the large battery.

Ujet's frame is composed of advanced composites including carbon fiber, as well as magnesium and aluminum alloys: materials which are ultralight but at the same time very robust. The same materials are traditionally used in aeronautics. The end result is something that is longer lasting and lighter than anything else on the market.
How do I fold my Ujet electric scooter?
The Ujet electric scooter folds comfortably and safely with 3 simple steps in seconds. Meaning the scooter can be stored easily in your hallway, office, boot of your car or yacht.
What is the power output of a Ujet?
The Ujet electric scooter has an output of 3 kW and a peak torque of 80 Nm.
What is the maximum speed of Ujet?
Ujet is an equivalent to a 50cc petrol engine scooter. The maximum speed it allows is 45 km/h. Any tampering of the powertrain with the view to increase Ujet maximum torque, power, or speed is strictly prohibited. Under such circumstances, Ujet warranty and scooter insurance shall cease immediately and become void.

Ujet advanced connectivity

Which functions are supported by the mobile App?
Our connectivity system is one of the most advanced in our category. With your Ujet you can enjoy a completely connected ride: benefiting from a GPS navigation system, able to unlock your scooter remotely, find it even if you have forgotten where you parked it thanks to our geo locator and tracking system. Moreover, you can share your scooter with friends (if you can bear to be apart from it!), monitor your riding performance, receive technical alerts and disable the scooter remotely in case of theft. So relax as you will be able to receive technical support via the Ujet App.
Can I use the built-in camera everywhere, anytime?
You are allowed to use the camera in most of the countries. However, there are specific regulations in certain markets and therefore it’s always best to check locally what is legally allowed.
How do I activate my scooter via my smartphone?
You can pair the scooter to your smartphone whenever it will be activated for the first time. Simply install the Ujet app, scan the QR code from the scooter's screen and the phone will be linked to the scooter automatically!
Which kinds of smartphones are supported by Ujet?
The Ujet app works with iOS 10 and newer and all Android versions from Android 5.
What happens if my mobile phone gets stolen or is damaged?
If your phone can’t be activated, you will be able to manage all functions directly through your dashboard.

Battery and charging

Where can I charge my Ujet?
Anywhere with a standard power socket, meaning you can charge at home, at work or in the city whenever you need to, thanks to the removable and rollable battery.
How far can I ride my Ujet?
The range of your Ujet electric scooter depends on its battery size. Our small battery takes you to 35-75 km, whereas the bigger model gives you a range of 75-150 km.

The exact range may vary depending on multiple factors, including driving style, the driver's weight, climatic conditions (air temperature, wind, humidity), the terrain, the road surface and the intensity of using the brake energy recuperation system.

The range was tested on an industrial test bench, with a simulated rider weight of 50kg and 120kg respectively, and an average riding speed of 25km/h and 30km/h.
Can I charge my battery even if it is not completely empty?
Yes, you can charge your Ujet battery no matter how much charge is left.
How long does a full charge take?
With the onboard charger, you are ready to ride in 3 or 6 hours depending on battery size. With an optional fast charger, the charging time will be reduced by half.

Servicing and repair

Where can I repair my Ujet?
A customer-focused experience is key to us. You will be able to choose where and when to have your Ujet serviced or repaired. Either in an Ujet approved location or somewhere you choose with is convenient to you by one of our highly trained team members.
What is the standard warranty?
Our warranty covers the vehicle for 2 years from first registration without any mileage limitation.
What kind of regular services must be completed?
In reality very little, due to electrical drive trains requiring limited maintenance. So, a yearly health check and the replacement of standard wear and tear components e.g. tires, brakes etc.
Where can I get spare parts for the Ujet?
You can find Ujet spare parts at any accredited Ujet retailer and Ujet service center.
Can I carry out repairs at every dealer of my choice?
Our accredited Ujet service centers are here to provide you with a superior customer service and support experience.
How do I wash my Ujet?
Please never use Pressure Washer (e.g. Kärcher type) to clean your Ujet, as you risk breaking it. Use car wash sponge and car shampoo to keep your electric scooter clean!
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